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    - PHP >= 4.0.6+, (tested with 4.3.3) with GD support
      (Note: imagecopymerge() doesn't work correct in PHP 4.3.2 - BugID: 24816.
       So overlaying of a logo image may not work correct with this version of PHP)
    - apache with mod_rewrite
    - GD >= 2.0.1 (for high-quality resizing of the images)

    If your using the .htaccess file make sure that you are allowed to
    override the necessary server configurations.
    Apache: "AllowOverride FileInfo" - must be set at least.
    1. Untar the distribution (be sure to untar the subdirectories)
       tar -xzvf phpAutoGallery-x.x.x.tar.gz to a directory named 
       "__phpAutoGallery" (without the quotes) in your
       webroot where you like the gallery to be.
       The distribution consists of a htaccess file (with mod_rewrite
       rules) and the "__phpAutoGallery" folder. Both must reside in the
       root gallery folder.
       (Note: DO NOT use another name for the "__phpAutoGallery" folder)
    2. Copy the htaccess-dist file one directory up. (to the root gallery folder)
    2. Rename the htaccess-dist file to ".htaccess"
       (default for the Apache "AccessFileName" directive)
       Directory-layout should be something like this:
	   /path/to/docroot/mygallery/some picture folder
	   /path/to/docroot/mygallery/some picture folder/another_picture.jpg
	   ... etc ...
    3. Edit the ".htaccess" file:
	Change <GALLERY_WEB_PATH> to the full url path of your 
	root gallery folder. (and where the __phpAutoGallery folder must
	be located)
	Example 1:
	if your gallery is accessible here:
	then <GALLERY_WEB_PATH> would be "/mygallery"
	and the rewrite-rule would look like this:
	"RewriteRule .* /mygallery/__phpAutoGallery/wrapper.php [NE,QSA,L]"
	Example 2:
	or your gallery is accessible in the webroot directly:
	then <GALLERY_WEB_PATH> would be "" (empty)
	and the rewrite-rule would look like this:
	"RewriteRule .* /__phpAutoGallery/wrapper.php [NE,QSA,L]"
	If you have problems with the loading, you may try
	to add this line:
	"RewriteBase <GALLERY_WEB_PATH>"
	Alternatively you can put the mod_rewrite rules in your
	Apache conf file. (e.g. <VirtualHost> or <Directory> context)

    4. Have a look at the config/ file and adjust
       some settings if you like/need to.
       At least take a look at $cfg['tmp_path']. Verify that it exsits and
       that the apache user has write permissions in that folder.
       IMPORTANT: Also change the username and password for the admin interface!

    5. Also have a look at the template specific file, located
       in templates/<TEMPLATE_NAME>/config/.
       Individial template-settings are stored in this file.

    6. Put some pictures / create folders in your root gallery folder.
       See if everything works fine by open your gallery in your browser.
    7. If everything works right, you can access a little admin interface
       at this URL:
       i.e. for the above mentioned example the URL would be:
       (NOTE: "__phpAutoGallery__admin" does NOT have to exist on your server.
       It is just a special name, that wrapper.php can recognise and act accordingly.)
       If the currently used template is configured to show a admin-link on every page, than you can access
       the admin interface any time, by just clicking the link. Logo